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Smart garments dominate wearable technologies

The smart garment market is growing at 45 per cent a year. This growth is outpacing other categories in the domain of wearable technologies. Although current developments of such clothing are based more on performance wear and the winter sports category, very soon they will encompass the whole gamut of the wearable segment.

As garments are becoming smarter, the differentiating line between a traditional garment and a garment with a gadget is getting blurred. The message is clear: If the garment industry does not start dabbling in technology, technology companies will start dabbling in garment making. Digitalisation is another trend emerging faster than ever in the global apparel industry with more and more retail brands as well as apparel manufacturers embracing it.

Tech and fashion are merging together to create smart textiles without sacrificing style, comfort and practicality. Smart textiles are used in healthcare and sports and fitness applications to communicate the wearer’s location, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. This data collection may also be useful for dementia patients, to refresh memory and alert caregivers of health status changes. Miniaturization of electronics is expected to significantly fuel market growth further. Reducing form factors may facilitate increased integration, making sensors compatible with fabric and ensuring optimum comfort and wearability.