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Scoop concludes Autumn/Winter 24 season with triumph and Wonderment

Scoop concludes Autumn Winter


Scoop, the renowned fashion showcase, concluded its Autumn/Winter 24 season on a high note, bidding farewell to guests who were treated to a remarkable display of international designers under the theme 'A Return to Wonderment'. The event, characterized by opulent art deco influences, drew a bustling crowd of buyers from both national and international markets, with notable attendees from renowned establishments such as Liberty London, Galeries Lafayette, and Harvey Nichols, among others.

Experiencing the spectacle: Reactions from attendees

Carl Jacklin of Agatha Boutique expressed admiration for the show's layout, describing it as spectacular, fresh, and vibrant. He emphasized the ease of discovering great collections for independent retailers like himself, attributing it to Scoop's unique atmosphere and the exquisite presentation of accessories throughout the venue.

Emma Cubley from Anthropologie echoed Jacklin's sentiment, praising the convenience of having all brands and agents gathered in one location. She described the buying environment as relaxed, fostering inspiration and facilitating the exploration of new collections.

Deryane Tadd of The Dressing Room, St Albans, noted the infectious energy permeating the show, fueled by an abundance of new offerings and the overarching theme's allure. She highlighted the convenience of having multiple shows under one roof, streamlining the buying process while ensuring an enjoyable experience.

International acclaim and discoveries

Margaret Gallagher and Mary McSweeney of Les Jumelles, Galway, Ireland, commended the exhibition's layout and expressed gratitude for discovering new brands while attracting attention to their own.

Malin and Aron Hose of Fifty 5a, Totnes Devon, lauded the vibrant ambiance and the opportunity to connect with both familiar and new brands, resulting in successful orders placed.

Curated by the show's Managing Director and Founder, Karen Radley, Scoop showcased over 200 contemporary womenswear, accessory, and lifestyle collections. Designers lauded the event's meticulous styling and the curated selection of collections, attributing the steady influx of retailers to its allure.

Testimonials of success

Various designers shared their experiences, with Claire Le Marque of Kirstie Le Marque emphasizing the significance of Scoop as a pivotal event for wholesale ventures. Dee Vasali of Talis Chains expressed gratitude for the warm reception and positive feedback received, while Caro Ritchie of Corita Rose celebrated newfound connections and a surge in interest for their products.

In reflection, Karen Radley, the driving force behind Scoop, expressed delight at the overwhelming response to the show. She attributed its success to the awe-inspiring discoveries made by attendees, coupled with the enchanting ambiance meticulously crafted for the occasion. As Scoop bids farewell to another successful season, Radley expressed gratitude to all who contributed to its triumph.


Scoop's Autumn/Winter 24 season stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of curated fashion showcases. With its captivating theme, expert curation, and vibrant atmosphere, the event continues to serve as a beacon for industry professionals seeking inspiration and new opportunities. As the curtains close on yet another memorable season, Scoop remains a cornerstone of the fashion landscape, promising future seasons filled with wonder and discovery.



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