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Responsible Fashion Summit debates global fashion industry

The theme for the Responsible Fashion Summit was Earth Sensitive, with nearly every stakeholder of the fashion supply chain sharing knowledge. It commenced with three key international designers, David Abraham, Sharleen Ernster and Heidi Gosman, who shared important perspectives, including disposal of the garments being considered, as part of the design thought process, which is something that has not been strongly followed by designers, resulting in landfill issues.

Responsible Fashion Summit is part of The Responsible Fashion Movement that focuses on responsibility, accountability and transparency. It has defined eight impact areas as the basis of solutions to issues that the global fashion industry faces.

The Responsible Fashion Movement has modeled itself on the most relevant aspect of solutions and longevity. Fashion currently ranks among the top three most polluting industries in the world. Yet action to reduce negative impact is still slow in gaining momentum. Sustainable fashion products continue to grow at a steady pace. An ever increasing population of aware and discerning consumers in the US, Europe and parts of Asia is beginning to put pressure on global fashion brands to open their doors to clean fashion.

Manufacturers who move in this direction earlier will have an advantage. There also exists a wide gap between the action of designers and manufacturers; hence so far every action is resting with manufacturers. The designers are in a position to lead the corrective action.