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Jordan's Textile Sector Aims for Global Prominence


The leather and textile industries sector in the Jordan Chamber of Industry, believes that aligning sector-related initiatives with the vision of economic modernization will propel Jordan's textile industry to become a prominent global player. Currently, the textile sector ranks 16th globally in terms of exports from the Kingdom, with a notable position as the 12th largest exporter to the US market.

Textile Sector's Global Rankings and Jordan's Leading Position: The Chamber highlighted that Jordan leads among Arab countries, with the textile sector's exports accounting for 2 percent of the total US imports of clothing products. This achievement showcases Jordan's significant contribution to the global textile market. The sector's performance indicators are expected to triple over the next decade, aiming for textile exports worth approximately $7.3 billion compared to $2.1 billion by the end of 2022.

Driving Growth through Initiatives: To achieve these ambitious goals, it was emphasized that the importance of effectively implementing sector-specific initiatives. These include enhancing value chains both vertically and horizontally, establishing integrated industries, fostering skilled labor, attracting more investments, and promoting interconnection between companies. These efforts will enhance productivity, competitiveness, and product diversification within the sector. Furthermore, they will enable market entry into new territories while boosting export momentum in existing traditional markets.

Positive Impact on Employment and Economy: The successful implementation of these objectives will generate approximately 149,000 new employment opportunities for Jordanians within the economy. This will contribute to reducing unemployment rates and lead to improvements in overall economic performance. The growth of the textile sector will have positive effects on various economic and social indicators at the national level.

Jordan's textile industry has the potential to become a global player, and the implementation of sector-specific initiatives aligned with the vision of economic modernization is crucial for achieving this. With its current global rankings and leading position in Arab countries, Jordan's textile exports are expected to triple in the coming years. By focusing on enhancing value chains, attracting investments, and fostering interconnectivity, the sector will witness increased productivity, competitiveness, and product diversification. These advancements will not only contribute to the textile industry's global prominence but also create numerous employment opportunities, resulting in improved economic performance for Jordan as a whole.


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