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Chinese plants switch from spandex to PBT

PBT fiber is a new polyester fiber and many apparel manufacturers are now opting for it. The elastic recovery ratio of PBT fiber is better than that of polyester and nylon fibers but lower than that of spandex. With good rigidity, shape stability and wool-like touch, PBT fiber has potential in application of wool textiles.

Spandex core-spun covered yarn is a kind of woven yarn mainly used in woven denim and polar fleece. The applications of PBT core-spun covered yarn and spandex core-spun covered yarn are thus different. PBT core-spun covered yarn is not an alternative for spandex core-spun covered yarn. The equipments of the two yarns are the same. Profits of spandex core-spun covered yarn are apparently lower than that of PBT core-spun covered yarn. So plants prefer PBT core-spun covered yarn. Spandex sales will inevitably be hit.

More spandex covered yarn plants in China are opting to produce this yarn.PBT yarn is weft knitted to produce autumn or winter sweaters. In China the plants that have switched production to PBT yarn are mainly small processing plants while the larger ones are relatively cautious. Some spandex core-spun covered yarn plants with relatively good profits have not switched production yet, but more are about to step into the wave due to successive good performance of PBT core-spun covered yarn.