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Indonesia upgrades dyeing machinery

The Indonesian textile industry is upgrading its machinery from upstream to downstream levels. More than 85 per cent of the machines in color processing factories in textiles are more than 30 years old. Production costs are also higher because the machines use a lot of energy. For example, in the use of water, an old dyeing machine has a capacity of ten to one between water and fabric raw materials. In modern machines the ratio of water use can be 4.5: 1. Modern machines use less chemicals. When the water heats up a lot, the water itself requires a lot of energy. The ratio of chemicals that are put into it is higher.

The incentives provided to the processing sector are also focusing on the most crucial problem, namely dyeing. The biggest problem is currently in the dyeing sector. In addition to being inefficient in energy use, the dyeing sector also has to face high waste treatment costs because it is required to be environmentally friendly. More water and chemicals are used, which means that the costs for wastewater treatment plants are also high. Higher the ratio of water to chemicals, higher the costs.

The quality of Indonesian textile products has long been widely recognized by world fashion manufacturers.