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India’s cotton exports remain resilient with 75.71% increase in May 2021


Indias cotton exports remain resilient with 75.71 increaseIndia is the one of the largest cotton exporters in the world. Exports of cotton yarn and fabrics export account for about 23 per cent of India’s total textiles and apparel export. As per a CCF Group report, in May 2021, India exported cotton yarn worth 101.1 kt a 75.71 per cent rise year-on-year and 12.95 per cent month-on-month increase.

Bangladesh tops monthly yarn exports

Of India’s total yarn exports, shipments to Bangladesh increased to 37,642 mt in May 2021 from 30, 539,28 mt in April 2021. These accounted for 37 per cent of India’s total yarn exports. India’s yarn shipments to its second largest export destination China increased 12.95 per cent month-on-month to 21,750.91mt in May 2021 from 19294.2 mt in April 2021. These accounted for 22 per cent of India’s total global cotton yarn exports during the month.

Three largest destinations for yearly exports

Peru remained the largest export destination for India during the year with an increase of 587.9 per cent overIndias cotton exports remain resilient with 75.71 increase in May 2021 previous year. Exports to Peru increased to 1,713.92 mt in May 2021 from 249.15 mt in May 2029. The second largest export destination was Bangladesh with an increase of 240.72 per cent over the previous year. India’s exports to Bangladesh increased to 37,642.25 mt in May 2021 from 11,047.82 mt in May 2020.

The third largest exports destination for Indian cotton yarn was Portugal with an increase of 123.34 per cent in May 2021. Exports to the country increased from 2,476.91 mt in May 2020 to 5,532.03 mt in May 2021.

Exports to China post 16.95 per cent yearly growth

On a year-on-year basis, shipments to China increased 16.95 per cent. Among products, exports of uncombed 8-25S/1 and combed 30-47S/1 yarn to China increased by 13.3 per cent and 23.1 per cent year-on-year respectively. In terms of month-on-month change, exports of combed 8-25S/1 declined by 36.38 per cent to 10,071 mt and those of 25-30S dropped by 34.09 per cent. Exports of combed 8-25S/1 and combed 25-30S/1 increased by 11.3 per cent and 10.5 per cent month-on-month respectively and declined by 9.1 per cent and 55.4 per cent year-on-year. Exports of combed 30-47S/1 declined the most by 57.1 per cent year-on-year with export volume of 2042mt.

Despite the pandemic, India’s cotton yarn exports grew both on a year-on-year and month-on-month basis. Bangladesh, China and Portugal remained the largest export destinations for India with exports to China also registering a marked increase despite the political standoff between the two countries.


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