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Hyosung develops new spandex

Hyosung has developed Creora ActiFit spandex. Multi-sport apparel made with Creora ActiFit spandex gives athletes the confidence they need to focus on their sport and not be bothered by what they are wearing. The spandex provides long-lasting durability, UV and chlorine resistance, and superior recovery required of cycling, swimming, triathlon and adventure racing apparel where athletes can encounter numerous environmental surroundings – whether it be salt water, intense sun or a rocky crag.

Previously, there were clear lines between ready-to-wear, sportswear and outdoor wear, but now there are no boundaries among them. People want both fashion and function. This trend has led outdoor brands to make fashionable outerwear designed for commuters and fashion brands to add function to daily wear – and even luxury-fashion apparel. It also led Hyosung to create its new Creora ActiFit spandex.

Hyosung is a Korean fiber and yarn company. Hyosung is the largest elastane producer in the world and first developed its own process for manufacturing spandex in 1992. Creora is a brand belonging to Hyosung. Hyosung offers a broad range of high quality, competitively-priced fiber technologies throughout the global apparel value chain. The spandex range includes Creora dyeable spandex, Creora black spandex and Creora fresh spandex.