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Global fiber production doubles in last two decades

Global fiber production has doubled in the last 20 years, reveals Textile Exchange. In the plant-based natural fibers category, cotton is the most used fiber. Preferred cotton has a market share of 22 per cent of total global cotton production and is grown in 30 countries.

Due to concerns about the treatment of animals for textile and apparel use, animal welfare standards and initiatives are in place to define responsible practices and provide assurance that specific criteria are being delivered on in the animal-based fibers and materials category. Preferred down is produced on thousands of farms in 13 countries. Preferred down is recognized through the adherence to standards. Wool is the most used animal-based fiber, with more than one million metric tons produced globally. Preferred wool is estimated to be below three per cent of the global market share. Preferred wool is identified by key standards and initiatives.

The Responsible Mohair Standard was developed in 2018. This will provide assurance that mohair comes from farms with high animal welfare and progressive land management practices. The manmade cellulosic fibers category is increasing steadily with a market share of approximately 6.2 per cent of total fiber production volume, which is double what it was in 1990, and is expected to continue growing.