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GFA urges brands to work on eliminating hazardous chemicals

Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) has called on brands to join collaborative initiatives to help them get started on eliminating hazardous chemicals. GFA is a sustainability initiative run by the Danish Fashion Institute. It encourages brands to invest in research and new technologies to scale existing solutions up and to uncover new possibilities for current challenges.

Many fashion brands have not extended their sustainability efforts to include the processing stage where chemicals are used. Many are still in the beginning phase of eliminating hazardous chemicals. And they are searching for programs and tools that enable sustainably.

Since the processing stage within the value chain is a complex and fragmented one, many brands face difficulties in getting started. Hence, Global Fashion Agenda advises brands to join collaborative initiatives to profit from existing knowledge and experiences as taking action alone might be an overwhelming task. GFA collaborates with a group of strategic partners on setting a common agenda for industry efforts on sustainability in fashion.

Similarly the Greenpeace detox campaign aims at eliminating groups of chemicals of concern used in the fashion industry by 2020. Last year, Greenpeace warned about the industry's use of large quantities of polyester and its contribution to pollution of the oceans with microplastic fibers.