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Fulgar launches sustainable yarns

Italian leader in the production of man-made yarn Fulgar, has been pursuing a wide-ranging green program involving the production process and product offered. The company has developed two sustainable products that are fast becoming best-sellers. These are: Evo, a bio-based yarn made from castor oil; and Q-Nova, a yarn developed exclusively from regenerated raw materials.

Launched five years ago, Q-Nova was the first speciality to be developed by Fulgar. This eco-sustainable yarn makes the company’s production processes more sustainable, leading to lower CO2 emissions and water consumption. Q-Nova is made exclusively from regenerated raw materials through a mechanical process that uses no chemical materials that could compromise the sustainability of the end product. Owing to its environmental sustainability performance, supply chain and zero-kilometre philosophy, Q-Nova has been supported and adopted by many companies, especially in the circular knit, legwear and woven material sector for the clothing, intimate wear and sportswear industry.

These unique features have led Q-Nova to be selected for an extensive range of uses in high-end capsules and collections in the sport-technical field, and as a leading product for many top commercial and research brands in northern Europe, the UK and North America.