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Evonik develops new generation of fibers

Evonik has developed a new generation of fibers P84® – which fulfill the demand of the industry. The new product offers improved mechanical stability at permanent operating temperature. This high tech fiber has a unique multi-lobal cross section which ensures the highest level of filtration efficiency. Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, P84® high performance fibers are used in a variety of applications. The spectrum reaches from filter materials for high temperature filtration, protective clothing, sealing applications for spacecraft to a number of other high temperature applications, e.g. insulating panels for thermal insulation.

In high temperature filtration processes filter materials made of P84® fibers maintain a higher permeability at constant pressure drop through the entire life cycle. This leads to lower dust emissions and minimised energy costs. For example, more than 150 cement kiln applications are using P84® based filter materials. The energy saving of these optimised filters reduce the CO2 emissions by approximately 60,000 metric tons per year.

Evonik is the worldwide leader of chemical resistant, thermostable and non-flammable polyimide fibers. These fibers are produced at the chemical plant in Lenzing, Upper Austria and further processed and customised in the neighboring production plant in Schörfling am Attersee.