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Earth Logic Action Plan proposes new sustainability model for fashion industry

Earth Logic Action Plan urges businesses across the global fashion sector to radically transform their models in such a way that places nature ahead of short-term financial gain.
This program has been devised by a group of academics, businesses and thought leaders to help fashion firms align with planetary boundaries and address the climate and nature emergencies. The plan wants the fashion sector to reduce its use of virgin resources by 75 per cent by 2030. In order to make this transformation, the plan offers advice on changing business processes, forging new collaborations and managing the financial and social implications of growing out of growth. It also offers advice on the processes needed to maintain and upscale fashion with Earth Logic at its core, including policymaker engagement.

The fashion industry is involved in climate and nature crises. Humanity is now consuming almost twice as many natural resources as the planet can produce. Fashion is estimated to account for around ten per cent of global emissions annually – more than international shipping and aviation combined. It has also been strongly linked to deforestation and water pollution. Between 80 billion to 120 billion garments and 20 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured annually.


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