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DenimFWD’s Urban Factory to make current textile production model more sustainable


DenimFWDs Urban Factory to make current textile production model more sustainableA company encouraging the return of the textile production to the United States, the Denim Forward Inc (DenimFWD) has opened the world’s first ‘Urban Factory.’ As per a Textile World report, the plant is located in the City of Industry, Calif. And employs revolutionary technologies to transform the current textile production model into an on-demand, completely sustainable digital and automated model. Through this model DenimFWD aims to bring back 15 to 25 per cent of manufacturing production to the US.

The model allows 100 per cent sustainable on-demand production close to the consumer. It digitizes the entire production process besides improving saving time and speeding up time-to-markeet, says Carlos Arias, CEO, DenimFWD. The model will allow consumers to decide buy a product that will be finished and delivered to him the same, he adds. It will also reduce the number of garments ending up in landfills or being incinerated.

Eliminates 100 per cent pollution from jeans

A complete transformation of the denim operating model, Urban Factory is being developed by DenimFWD in partnership with Jeanologia, world leadersDenimFWDs Urban Factory to make current textile production model more in sustainable and efficient technology development as expert technology partners. Enrique Silla, CEO, Jeanologia says, the new production model will help eliminate 100 per cent discharge and pollution from jeans in the world. It will mark the beginning of a new era in completely sustainable and digital production.

With minimum delivery times, DenimFWD’s Urban Factory produces up to 5,000 jeans and 4,000 T-shirts a day. Its operating model is sustainable and integrates Jeanologia hardware and software for advanced digital production. It offers five benefits to the industry, eco-friendliness, agility, scalability, digital and cost-effectiveness to designers, producers, and consumers.

Reduces operational costs and environmental impact

Through this model, DenimFWD offers the industry products that are in demand rather than those produced. This reduces the industry’s operational costs and environmental impact, guaranteeing zero discharge.

The model uses the following Jeanologia technologies: laser, G2 Ozone, e-Flow, SmartBox, ColorBox, EIM (software for measuring environmental impact) and H2Zero (the first water treatment and recycling system that produces zero discharge without extra costs). It has the first active Handman in the US and allows automated production through robots, making it more agile, clean and scalable. The eDesigner technology makes digital designing easier, faster, and more dynamic for designers.