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Coronavirus, store closures to dampen US home textiles imports in 2019

Coronavirus store closures to dampen US home textilesIn 2019, the US imported almost 50.46 per cent of home textiles and made ups from China. On the other hand, India share constituted only 22.45 per cent of made-ups to the US, although US has a share of around 50 per cent of its home textiles exports from India.

In total, the US imported home textiles and made ups worth $14,424.37 million in 2019. This was around 1.52 per cent more than those imported in 2018. In 2018, US imports had increased by 7.31 per cent over 2017. US textile and apparel import growth could remain stagnant in 2020 too due to the varied impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and numerous store closures.

India emerges top supplier of cotton sheets Some of the main items that the US imported included cotton terry towels, other cotton manufactures (which includes among others table and kitchen linens, bedspread, curtains, upholstery, etc), cotton sheets, cotton bedspreads and quilts, MMF floor coverings, other MMF furnishings, wool floor coverings. While India was the top supplier of cotton sheets, terry towels and wool floor coverings, China was lead supplier of other products.

India was the top supplier of cotton sheets to the US followed by China and Pakistan. However, India’s exportsCoronavirus store closures to dampen US home textiles imports in 2019 declined by almost 2 per cent to $691.01 million. The second largest supplier of cotton sheets, China also suffered a setback due to the US-China trade war as its exports of cotton sheets declined by 11.57 per cent to $269.13 million. On the other hand, exports from Pakistan grew by 10.21 per cent.

Cotton bedspreads and quilts import decline

US import of cotton bedspreads and quilts declined 2.89 per cent to $959.26 million. China emerged top supplier exporting goods worth $557.34 million registering a growth of 14.68 per cent. India’s exports grew 10.68 per cent $160.05 million in 2019, slightly higher growth than 10.59 per cent registered in 2018. Imports from Pakistan, $152.92 million, fell marginally by 1.62 per cent in 2019. US cotton terry towel imports in 2019 were $1616.345 million, 1.16 per cent lower than in 2018. India exported terry towels worth US$ 636.71 million, a small growth of 0.32 per cent. India accounts for majority share with 39.39 per cent of total US imports of cotton terry towels.

China’s exports declined 5.58 per cent to $383.77 million while Pakistan’s saw a growth of 2.28 per cent to $340.04 million. US imports from Turkey were up 7.45 per cent, from Colombia 12.36 per cent, from Salvador 17.8 per cent and Jordan 67.91 per cent. Other cotton furnishings and home textiles imports into the US stood at $2892.55 million in 2019, a fall of 3.6 per cent compared to 2018.

Indian emerges top supplier of wool floor coverings

Import of wool floor coverings declined 13.76 per cent in 2019 to $654.32 million. India was the top supplier of wool floor coverings in the US, accounting for 57.86 per cent share in total US imports.

China’s exports declined 27.86 per cent to $55.94 million. Pakistan’s exports stood at $ 43.38 million, a marginal growth of 0.49 per cent. MMF floor covering imports into the US amounted to $1749 million, a fall of 4.43 per cent compared to 2018. In 2019, Turkey overtook China to become the top supplier in the US market. Imports from Turkey at $648.61 million increased 18.37 per cent in 2019.

China’s exports at $ 89.89 were 32.16 per cent lower than in 2018. India maintained its position as the third largest supplier with exports of $187.87 million, 9.75 per cent higher than in 2019. Among emerging sourcing destinations are Mexico, Korea and Vietnam.

Import of MMF home furnishings increase by 12.22 per cent

Other MMF home furnishings is the most important item in the US home textiles import basket, accounting for 35 per cent share of total home textiles and mad-ups. US imports of MMF furnishings increased by 12.22 per cent in 2019 to $5153.20 million. China is the dominant supplier with a share of 83.23 per cent of total US imports.