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Block chain and fashion go together

Apart from consumer education about issues like waste, transparency and toxins in the fashion industry, technology also plays an important role in solving problems related to sustainability.

Block chain has a role in sustainable fashion. When collecting textile waste from consumers, block chain sits right in between because it gives trust and transparency without being owned by any specific brands or organizations. This tech can be used to promote good production processes. Tracing the supply chain through block chain will support traceability and accountability. Ultimately, it will lead to a supply chain that embraces good practices.

Circular economy is a legitimate economic concept. Because this has gained ground, the job of a designer in the fashion world also needs to evolve. The role of the designer is changing. They are no longer just selecting the fabric and making designs but need to know every step of production, including disposal. Smart innovation speaks to the new generation of consumers and enables the circular economy because millennial shoppers are willing to pay more for a sustainable product.

In its current form the fashion industry is a toxic industry. There are toxins in the clothes that we wear. There is a relationship between the increased use of synthetics in fabrics and a rise in serious illnesses such as breast cancer.