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Americans want more plus size options

Customers in the US looking for plus sized clothing are often disappointed. For one not too many brands make clothing above size 16. And even if they do they don’t present the entire wardrobe. Some may make only T-shirts and not pants.

The reality is that there’s money to be made in catering to overweight people especially women. It makes business sense for designers to expand their size offerings since there’s a large market of people who would like to dress themselves in interesting clothes and in new fashions and ethical materials.

Plus size clothing sales represented around 17.5 per cent of all women’s clothing sales in the US in 2016. Plus size fashion is here to stay and has already conquered the hearts and budgets of many in the apparel industry. Spending on this niche is on the rise and so are the opportunities for retailers wanting to tap into the 46 billion dollar opportunity. E-commerce contributes to the growth of plus size fashion primarily because of ease of access, size availability and convenience that it provides. While one size does not fit all, and standard sizes for all is one of the major challenges to the segment, personalization is further leading to the success of many brands.