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Patagonia wins award at World Economic Forum’s in Davos

Patagonia has won the Accenture Strategy Award for Circular Economy Multinational during the World Economic Forum’s Community of Young Global Leaders in Davos.

Patagonia has made notable contributions to the circular economy, driving innovation and growth, while reducing dependence on scarce natural resources. In summer 2017, Patagonia will launch an e-commerce platform where the company will sell used Patagonia clothing and gear online, sourced directly from its customers. Customers will be invited to bring used items to their local Patagonia store in exchange for Patagonia merchandise credits. This platform’s aim is to extend the life of garments by encouraging people to sell unused clothing, reach new customers and promote the durability and quality of Patagonia products.

The growing trend toward fast fashion has created a very linear economic model that produces enormous waste. In contrast, Patagonia is working to counter this approach with a circular business model that focuses on making the highest quality products and helping its customers keep the products in use as long as possible.

Patagonia encourages people to take good care of their gear, washing and repairing as needed, and eventually recycling once the garment can no longer be used. Its facility in the US repairs over 45,000 items a year, and the company operates retail repair stations around the world, in addition to providing customers with free tools for repairing their own clothing. With every repair, the company provides feedback to its designers to improve future products.