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Orissa to prepare skilled labor for Tirupur cluster

The Tirupur knitwear industry will employ skilled workers from Orissa rather than untrained ones. And for this, training will be provided by the Orissa Skill Development Authority. The organization already imparts various knitwear industry-specific lessons through institutes spread across Orissa.

Experts from Tirupur will visit Orissa to oversee training programs and suggest changes that need to be incorporated to suit knitwear production. The initiative will thus provide an impetus to the apparel cluster in Tirupur, which does not have to train a rookie worker to cater to specific needs in production process and at the same time trained workforce in Orissa will get quality employment.

The initiative comes in the wake of an increase in flow of laborers from Orissa to Tirupur in recent times. However, these workers were not fully suited for specific needs that were expected by apparel manufacturers in Tirupur. As a result many workers from Orissa ended up doing unskilled work eventually move to other clusters.

Orissa Skill Development Authority has been instrumental in providing skilled employees from Orissa for upcountry clusters involved in automobile engineering, textile, construction and a few other industrial activities.