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MAS buys Acme-McCrary

Sri Lanka-based company MAS Holdings is buying Acme-McCrary, an American textile manufacturer. MAS Holdings is a global apparel technology and manufacturing company. Acme-McCrary produces leg wear and active wear for large US retailers.

MAS employs more than 85,000 associates worldwide, operating 48 state-of-the-art facilities in 15 countries, including design offices, apparel and component manufacturing plants and private industrial parks. It also provides technology solutions to the apparel and footwear industries. The company has been working to integrate technology into clothing, partnering with start-up companies in the Silicon Valley region of California and in New York in the fields of wearable technology and health and wellness.

By acquiring Acme-McCrary, MAS hopes to have a presence in the western hemisphere and strengthen its value propositions of speed and flexibility offered through on-shore and near-shore operations to customers. It also enables MAS to engage and strengthen its continued association with academia and research institutions in the US.

Acme-McCrary was the sole producer of the popular Spanx brand of hoses and is still engaged in product development for the brand. MAS has had a small account of Spanx for a few years now. MAS will expand Acme-McCrary’s manufacturing capacities and create at least 133 new jobs, while retaining the current jobs.