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Jeanologia develops range in Bangladesh

Spanish company Jeanologia has developed a fashion collection totally made in Bangladesh, with fabrics woven in the country with the support of sustainable technology from Jeanologia. Jeanologia is a leader in the development of sustainable and efficient technologies.

For this project Jeanologia managed to get together everyone involved in the Bangladeshi textile industry, from fabric manufacturers to end product makers and buyers. Through this collection fabric manufacturers and producers will work together for the first time to attain a cleaner textile industry. Their innovative technology is contributing to the transformation of the country’s textile industry.

With Jeanologia as the expert technology partner, the Bangladeshi textile market hopes to be the most competitive, speeding up time to market and offering a modern sustainable product. Since 1993, Jeanologia’s mission has been to improve the industry of garment finishing through its technology and knowhow. Its laser, G2 ozone and e-flow system have revolutionized the textile industry. They offer infinite design possibilities and garment finishes, while saving water, energy and chemicals, eliminating waste and toxic emissions.

The Spanish company currently has clients in five continents. Exports of its machines and services represent 90 per cent of its total billing, reaching 60 countries.