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Indonesian government improves national textile industry

The Indonesian government continues to spur the growth of textile industry that has a capacity of absorbing mass labour. Their labour absorption is forecast to touch 2.73 million people. The Ministry of Industry targets the growth rate of textile and textile products (TPT) in Indonesia in 2017 to reach 2.59 per cent with textile export of around $12.09 billion. The development of this industry is expected to boost export and market share of national products worldwide.

 The next two years, the growth rate of the textile industry is expected to be higher at 3.56 per cent with export in terms of value at US $ 15 billion and the absorption of its workforce can reach 3.11 million people.

To continue to promote the development of the national textile industry, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry cooperated with the Indonesian Textile Association and the Association of Indonesian Synthetic Fiber Manufacturers by compiling a roadmap of the national textile and textile product industry which is integrated from upstream to downstream from Sabang to Merauke from Miangas to Rote Island, 2035.

Indonesia's textile and textile production industry is known for its good quality in the international market, so it can be a strong capital in expanding the distribution of textile products.

  The factor in enhancing the demand for textile products was through the implementation of fiscal and non-fiscal policies of several economic policy packages that have been implemented by the government. This is taken as a step to create a right investment climate that is conductive to assist in business activities such as vocational education and also play a role in the research and development of textile and textile products industries.

  In addition to participating in improving the performance of the textile and textile products industry by issuing such policies, the government also helps in increasing the supply chain especially in supplying cotton raw materials.

The Ministry of Industry along with stakeholders will make a working visit to the United States to look at the availability of raw materials which will be imported from and stored in the warehouse of Indonesia Bonded Logistics Centre.