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Indonesia hopes to lead global Muslim fashion category

Indonesia hopes to increase export of Muslim apparels by 10 per cent this year. The country’s exports of Muslim fashion products in 2017 were up 8.7 per cent from the previous year. Indonesia will continue to encourage Muslim fashion industrialists and designers to make innovations by increasing their productivity and strengthening their brands to be able to penetrate the export market.

At present, Muslim fashion industry is projected to absorb 1.1 million of the total 3.8 million fashion industry workers in the country. World Muslim fashion market is expected to grow to $327 billion by 2020. Indonesia, at present, is the fifth biggest exporter of Muslim fashion products among members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation after Bangladesh, Turkey, Morocco, and Pakistan. Several established international brands have looked to tap into growing demand for modest and Islamic clothing and footwear, with the likes of Zara, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and H&M all releasing collections targeting the sector. Dolce & Gabbana has a hijab and abaya collection, specifically aimed at Muslim women.

Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230 billion on clothing - more than the combined clothing markets of the UK, Germany and India.