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Hyosung, Bossa, Creora team up to create Xplay bi-stretch denim

Hyosung has partnered Turkish company Bossa to introduce Xplay, a collection of bi-stretch denim with Creora Fit 2. Hyosung is the largest elastane producer in the world and Creora is a brabd from Hyosung. Bossa offers yarn, dyeing, weaving, and denim finishing processes.

Creora Fit 2 is a proprietary technology, using a Creora yarn for 360 degree stretch offering a sleek and flattering fit. Creora Fit 2 has allowed Bossa to create the Xplay bi-stretch collection for the most flattering yet comfortable fitting denim. Bossa is targeting brands and retailers who want to enhance consumer loyalty through better fit and superior comfort.

Hyosung is one of Korea’s leading multinational conglomerates, with annual worldwide sales of more than $8.7 billion. Hyosung has a global network of more than 73 subsidiaries and international branch offices around the globe. Hyosung first developed its own process for manufacturing spandex in 1992. It has grown to be probably the largest spandex producer in the world with plants in Korea, China, Vietnam, Turkey and Brazil. Hyosung has developed a global brand positioning platform, new logo, tag line, and new advertising campaigns, defined and developed new products, and implemented marketing plans to create demand.