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GADTS 2020 to focus on digital sourcing amidst COVID-19


To be held on September 23-24, 2020, the Global Apparel Digital Transformation Summit (GADTS) 2020 will focus on digital sourcing and digital supply chain innovation during COVID-19. Organized by ECV International, it will also discuss digital manufacturing transformation and advanced technologies innovation, impact of digitalization on the apparel industry amid COVID-19 and strengthening the implementation of digital strategy post-COVID.

Major international apparel brands, apparel manufacturers, excellent digital platform providers and technology innovators will share their insights and practices at this event and talk about the opportunities and challenges that brought by the digital wave.

Some topics to be discussed at this summit include: Current situation and the Prospect of Digital Transformation in Apparel Industry under the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic; Trends and Prospects: The Development of Global Fashion Industry and Customer Insights in the Digital Age; The Power of Digital in Transforming and Revolutionizing the Apparel Sourcing and Supply Chain; In the Digital Age, Best Practice and Exploration of Digital Supply Chain of an Apparel Brand; Create an End-to-end Holistic Supply Chain, and Complete the Digital Transformation of Apparel Supply Chain; From Manufacturing-Driven to Data-Driven, How to Achieve Real Digital Production in Apparel Industry?; Fashion Supply Chain in the Future, How to Make Full Use of Digital Power to Improve the Performance of Apparel Supply Chain during COVID-19; A Digital Factory: How Technology is Transforming Apparel Manufacturing; etc.