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EU’s trouser imports rise from three Asian sourcing destinations

During 2016, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam clocked in positive export of trousers to the EU on a year-on-year basis. In value terms, India’s trouser exports were up 4.50 per cent whereas quantities were up 8.87 per cent. Bangladesh’s trouser exports to the EU rose in value by an impressive 9.65 per cent while quantities rose by 12.91 per cent. Vietnam’s exports rose in value terms by 5.89 per cent and quantities rose by 4.28 per cent.

Among the EU’s textile and clothing imports are cotton yarn, fabrics woven from synthetic staple fibers, fabrics woven from synthetic filament yarn, T-shirts, pullovers, women's blouses, men's shirts, women's overcoats, women's dresses, women's skirts, women's suits, men's trousers, men's denim trousers, women's trousers and women's denim trousers.

Between 2004 and 2014, European jeans imports doubled in volume and more than doubled in value terms. However, pricing rose only 10.9 per cent in this period. The most important supplier countries for Europe’s denim in 2014 were Bangladesh, Turkey, China and Pakistan. These four together accounted for 74 per cent of European jeans imports in value terms and 82 per cent in volume. The biggest denim importer in Europe is Germany, followed by Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Italy.