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EU looks for fair prices in Bangladesh

Brands and buyers in the EU want to make sure that workers in the readymade garment sector of Bangladesh are paid reasonable wages. Brands that buy from manufacturers in Bangladesh want to ensure they are buying from reputable factories and manufacturers, and consumers want to be confident that the products are made in good condition in terms of workplace safety.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh too wants to send out an emphatic message that remediation plans are in place after the series of workplace accidents and that the most dangerous factories are now closed. Europe is following the progress in the readymade garment sector, which it recognises as an immensely important industry for both Bangladesh and the EU. A team from EU has also asked Bangladesh about what has been done on labor rights in the export processing zones.

The European Union has been a very strong supporter of necessary changes in the readymade sector. Its desire is to play a part in making sure that a fair price is paid. The EU is Bangladesh’s main trading partner, accounting for around 12 per cent of Bangladesh’s total trade. EU imports from Bangladesh are dominated by clothing, accounting for around 90 per cent of the EU’s total imports from Bangladesh.