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Ethiopia attracting investments

Ethiopia is attracting foreign investors. And what’s attracting them is the prevalence of peace, smooth business transaction, a conducive custom and tax system. In addition development of infrastructure such as roads railway and energy is playing a crucial role in encouraging investment flow. Among the investors are, Chinese, Indian and Turkish industries taking the lion's share. Investments from these nations are gaining momentum.

For more than a couple of decades, Ethiopia has been registering high economic growth. As the second most populous country in Africa, Ethiopia provides investors the necessary facilities like labor, land and infrastructure. Industrial parks have been built with customs and banking services, electricity, energy and water services and sewage systems. The availability of air transport, cheap labor and tax holidays provided to investors have made the country attractive for foreign investment.

As a result, job opportunities are being created for hundreds of thousands of people. As a developing country, Ethiopia exports agricultural products and imports capital goods for its industrialization process. The nation needs foreign currency to meet its development ambitions and for that mobilising hard currency from various sources is being done.