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Despite power shortage Pakistan's spindle count grows

The spinning industry in Pakistan has been adding a record number of spindles. After the addition of over 1.6 million spindles, the number of spindles in the country would increase to 13.6 million. This is so in spite of the acute power and energy shortage facing the spinning industry in Pakistan.

The addition of spindles in the industry during acute power shortages gives credence to the view that the spinning industry can generate power on its own. Industries in the spinning sector say their bigger problem is not the energy crisis but the 10 per cent increase in the rupee’s value against the dollar. Pakistan is already producing surplus yarn, which it has to export because local weavers lack the capacity to use that yarn. With the addition of 1.6 million spindles the production of yarn would be further enhanced.

From 2006 to 2013 China added 49.17 million spindles and 378,363 shuttle-less looms. India during the same period increased its spinning capacity by 18.42 million spindles, adding 46,881 shuttle-less looms. During the same period Pakistan added 2.72 million spindles and 5,644 shuttle-less looms in its textile industry. Bangladesh increased the number of spindles by 2.96 million and its shuttle-less looms by 30,204.