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D&Y innovates with denim dyeing

Shandong has introduced a denim dyeing technology, a combination of denim paints and dyes dyeing technology. It integrates paint staining technology with the existing indigo and sulphur dyeing. The project uses pigment dyeing techniques that enriches the denim fabric staining method, overcomes the shortcomings of traditional single color dyeing, reduces the discharge of sewage water during dyeing and washing and achieves energy saving, emission reduction as well as clean production. The group has also developed anti-bacterial textiles.

The Shandong D&Y Group ranks among the top 20 textile enterprises in China. It’s equipped with 5,00,000 spindles, 10,000 air spinning, 2,000 looms, 3,500 sets of sewing equipment. It employs over 10,000 people and annually produces 80,000 tons of cotton yarn, 20 million meters of denim, five million meters of wool and five million pieces of clothing. The group owns the textile company Daiyin, the Sino-US joint venture denim weaving company Jin Kate, and the apparel company Renault. D&Y exports yarn, cloth, woolen clothing products to Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, the United States, and the European Union.

By 2020, the Daiyin group hopes to own 3,00,000 spindles and produce 50 million meters of woven garments, sales revenue in  excess of 50 billion yuan, and profits of 500 million yuan.