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Cone Denim to launch new denim color technology at Kingpins Amsterdam


US-based textile manufacturer Cone Denim plans to launch Colourizd, a groundbreaking sustainable color technology for denim, at the upcoming Kingpins Show Amsterdam on April 24-25. Developed by Colourizd LLC, this innovative technology promises a diverse palette of colors and textures while streamlining processing steps and embracing a more sustainable approach to textile coloration.

Caitlyn Holt, Director-Innovation, Cone Denim notes, the new technology will boost the brand’s resource savings per yard produced. Marking a significant departure in textile coloration, the Quantum Colour technology in this innovation directly infuses the pigments and binders into yarn fibers. This advanced technique not only enriches yarn with vibrant hues but also eliminates traditional dye baths and lengthy wet processing, thereby reducing environmental footprint.

Emphasising on the technology’s transformative potential for sustainable fashion, Jennifer Thompson, CEO, Colourizd, highlights the partnership with Cone Denim as a testament to its efficacy in revolutionising textile coloration while promoting environmental stewardship.

Used in Cone Denim's Sustainblue Collection, the Colourizd technology offers tangible environmental benefits, including a 50 per cent reduction in energy use, a 73 per cent decrease in carbon footprint, and a remarkable 98 per cent reduction in water usage during dyeing processes compared to conventional methods.

The new Colourizd technology has been launched alongside Cone Denim's range of the community collection forest conservation fabrics. The launch supports the Rainforest Alliance's mission to combat deforestation, climate change, and promote sustainable livelihoods worldwide. Crafted from authentic Cone Deeptone Selvage, Cone's Forest Conservation denim features a distinctive green shade symbolising its commitment to forest conservation awareness. A portion of sales from these fabrics will be donated to the Rainforest Alliance, reinforcing Cone Denim's dedication to sustainable practices and a greener future.



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