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China’s dye industry sales to reach 102.9 billion yuan by 2026


Foresight Industry Research Institute forecasts, sale from China’s dye industry will reach 102.9 billion yuan by 2026. As per China Textiles, sales revenue from the industry will exceed 70 billion yuan this year. The average annual growth rate of the industry sales revenue will remain at about 8 percent in the next few years. Chinese dye industry experienced a small wave of rebound in the spring before showing a downward trend in the complex market environment.

In the first half of the year, Chinese dyeing and printing enterprises in March ushered in the peak season as the upstream enterprise demand for dyes led to 20 per cent rise in prices. The March price increase is also supported by higher upstream crude oil prices and early release of positive demand from downstream plant destocking.

The monthly average price of dyes continued to decline from April to June. The trend of the dye industry in the second half of the year will depend on the performance of the “Golden September and Silver October” of dyeing and printing factories and the textile and apparel industry, as well as the continued impact of overseas pandemic on orders.

In June, most dye manufacturers reported increased shipments and most traders reported reduced shipments. This phenomenon, to a certain extent, indicates that traders began to stock up after earlier de-stocking. The professional platform predicts that the price of disperse dyes will increase and the price of reactive dyes will decrease.