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Candiani & Madh unveil first regenerative cotton jeans

Candiani Madh unveil first regenerative cotton jeans


In a move towards sustainable fashion, Swedish denim brand Madh has partnered with Italian producer Candiani Denim to introduce the first-ever jeans collection crafted from Europe-sourced, non-GMO regenerative cotton. This pioneering endeavor utilizes the exclusive Blue Seed cotton variety, developed by Candiani, heralding a new era in eco-conscious apparel production.

The cornerstone of this collaboration lies in the utilization of Blue Seed cotton, cultivated by Algosur in Andalusia, Spain, employing regenerative agriculture techniques. Candiani's exclusive access to this cotton variety facilitates meticulous traceability throughout the supply chain, ensuring transparency from cultivation to consumer.

Elevating quality and sustainability

Simon Giuliani, Candiani Denim's head of marketing, elucidated the unparalleled advantages of Blue Seed cotton. This non-GMO hybrid variety exhibits enhanced biological traits, resulting in fibers that are longer, more resilient, and of superior quality compared to conventional cotton. With a fabric 30 per cent more durable than generic counterparts, this innovation embodies a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

Giuliani emphasized the imperative for innovation and sustainability in the contemporary fashion landscape. The collaboration between Madh and Candiani exemplifies a paradigm shift towards circularity and durability, eschewing the transient nature of fast fashion for enduring quality.

Martin Gustafsson, Madh's creative director, underscored the brand's commitment to redefining the norms of the denim industry. With a focus on longevity over seasonal trends, Madh advocates for timeless designs crafted from innovative, sustainable materials.

Pioneering partnerships for global impact

Madh's collaboration with Candiani Denim signifies a union of creativity and sustainability, with the latter's fabrics poised to become integral to Madh's identity. The collection will be available online, at select international retailers, and at the Candiani Denim Store in Milan, epitomizing a global commitment to sustainable fashion.

Gustafsson revealed plans for expanding Madh's reach, including partnerships with prominent retailers and online platforms. By prioritizing sustainability and quality, Madh aims to redefine the denim industry's narrative, one durable pair of jeans at a time.

Operating at the forefront of sustainable denim production, Candiani Denim's commitment to innovation is evident in their patent for Coreva, the first biodegradable, compostable stretch denim. Despite challenges in the fashion sector, Candiani remains optimistic about future growth, buoyed by remarkable performance in early 2024.

Towards a sustainable tomorrow

The collaboration between Madh and Candiani Denim represents a watershed moment in the fashion industry, signaling a departure from disposable consumerism towards a more sustainable ethos. With innovation and sustainability as guiding principles, this partnership paves the way for a future where fashion and environmental responsibility seamlessly coexist.



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