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Welspun devises farm management solutions

Welspun is in the midst of a massive transformation driven by sustainability. It is refining systems and processes. But its biggest interventions are around the creation of vibrant and progressive farming communities. In Maharashtra and Gujarat the main cotton producing regions for Welspun farmers are given complete farm management solutions right from the field to the market. This project is spread over 250 villages and indirectly impacts 50,000 farm workers. The ambition is to build models of sustainable farming despite the small plot sizes of most farmers. An entire cut and sew unit is run only by women including the security guard of the unit. At the heart of the sustainability processes at Welspun is a process of chemical fingerprinting to identify the origin of the cotton fiber used. This system allows tracing of cotton from farms to the gin and to the spinning and to the weaving stage as well as the point of sale.

The fashion and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, coming second to the oil sector. Global efforts to mitigate carbon emissions to stem the impact of climate change are now shaking up things as almost all big players in the fashion and textile industry are reeling under the ceaseless pressure to transform.