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Wellness megatrend offers major opportunities for sportswear companies, reports suggest


Wellness is expected to be one of the megatrends shaping consumer behaviour until 2030.And sportswear brands have a significant opportunity to tap into this trend, understanding how wellness impacts consumers' lifestyles and health will be key to recognising opportunities and innovating for the long term.

A significant percentage of consumers who embrace wellness from a holistic point of view engage in physical activity as one component of their lifestyles. Sportswear brands must recognise that wellness is how consumers engage with the world around them, guided by a sense of community and a desire to care for the planet. To tap into the growing trend, sportswear brands must consider adopting proactive strategies, embracing digital tools to help consumers achieve their wellness goals and building an omnichannel presence.

Although physical activity is closely linked to wellness, a significant percentage of consumers do not exercise regularly. Sportswear brands have a crucial role to play in promoting exercise and creating a real impact in the communities they serve. Brands should adapt their messages to appeal to consumers interested in overall wellness beyond performance and competition.


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