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VEOCEL partnerships, pioneering sustainable personal care products in Asia-Pacific


In a groundbreaking move, VEOCEL, the flagship nonwovens brand of Lenzing Group, has achieved significant milestones in partnerships with key beauty and feminine care brands across the Asia-Pacific region. Collaborations with renowned names like BRIDGE 24/7, Yejimiin, and a global healthcare and beauty retailer underscore VEOCEL's dedication to revolutionizing the personal care industry. 

The focus is on introducing responsible products crafted from carbon-neutral VEOCEL Lyocell fibers, marking a pivotal shift away from fossil-fuel materials. Particularly noteworthy is the partnership with Yejimiin, where carbon-neutral fibers were integrated into feminine care top sheets, aligning with the growing consumer trend for socially responsible choices in South Korea.

Steven Tsai, Senior Regional Commercial Director for Nonwovens Asia at Lenzing, emphasized the commitment to empower partners in achieving carbon emission goals. VEOCEL's collaboration with BRIDGE 24/7 in Taiwan further extends its co-branding efforts, unveiling the first facial sheet mask in the Taiwanese market using carbon-neutral fibers. Wallace Liu, CEO of BRIDGE 24/7, stressed the importance of sustainability in responding to the evolving demands of an aging society.

VEOCEL continues to lead the charge in driving carbon reductions within the nonwoven industry, encouraging the adoption of responsible alternatives. The brand's dedication to being a 'responsible care brand' is evident in its commitment to minimizing the environmental and climate impact of its fibers. 

As part of the journey towards a net-zero future, VEOCEL offers carbon-neutral lyocell fibers produced with reduced emissions, offsetting unabated carbon emissions through support for climate projects such as reforestation. With a firm belief that low-carbon and environmentally responsible products are the future, VEOCEL is actively contributing to climate action and the sustainable evolution of the personal care industry.



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