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US: Trends indicate higher spend on imported apparels this year

The US has escalated its apparel imports. Marginal rise in unit prices has made the United States spend more on apparel imports from January to April 2018. The US imported 8,531 million square metres of apparel as compared to last year up 1.46 per cent.

The country spent $25.15 billion on imported apparels in the review period which were slightly higher than the previous year. China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India were the top five apparel exporters to the US during the first 10 months of 2018. Indonesia increased its value share in the US but China lost a significant share in value terms.

India, posted solid growth after its apparel shipment went on negative side in Q1 ’17 by 0.80 per cent. India exported apparels worth $ 1.43 billion in the review period adding another $ 394 million in April from March month. On the other hand Bangladesh, remained positive in its apparel exports to the largest apparel importer in the world. Bangladesh’s apparel shipment value was $1.79 billion as against $1.74 billion.