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US gets bulk of Peruvian exports

The United States and Brazil received 72 per cent of Peru’s total garment shipments between January and October 2017. Peru's total garment shipments to the US registered a 2.6 per cent growth. Peruvian garment shipments to the United States account for 67.8 per cent of exports. The US and Brazil are overcrowded and dynamic markets; therefore, they are important export destinations for Peruvian companies. The other top garment importers from Peru are Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, France, Chile, Colombia, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The most demanded goods are cotton T-shirts, knitted cotton shirts, undershirts, and synthetic shirts, among others. Production and commercialization of light sportswear —namely jerseys— will be reinforced in the coming months, thanks to the optimism generated by Peru’s recent qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Peru’s garment imports barely totaled $550 million in the first 10 months of 2017, lower than the figures registered in exports. Peru’s major garment suppliers are China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Peru, the world's top alpaca fiber producer, supplies to international markets, mainly to Asia, the United States and Europe.

Peru currently holds 80 per cent of the world’s alpaca production. Alpaca-breeding associations, shearers, processing, industrial and artisanal dressmaking companies as well as spinners and fashion designers comprise this sector, which has reached its highest peaks over the past two years.