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US’ apparel imports rebound with 23 per cent growth in August


US apparel imports rebound with 23 per cent growthFor the first time in the year, US’ apparel imports rose to 8.07 billion in August ’21. As per an Apparel Resources report, the country recorded a 23 per cent Y-o-Y surge value-wise in apparel imports during the month. In volume terms, imports increased to 2,841.04 million SME of garments. The country stepped up orders to all suppliers in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean region during the month.

US’ apparel orders to China increased 21.20 per cent during the month to. The country imported apparels worth $2.20 billion from China in August’21. Vietnam was the second largest exporter to the US with shipments growing by 21.80 per cent from August’20 to $1.51 billion. Shipments from Bangladesh grew marginally by 5.40 per cent to $626.26 million while those from Cambodia grew by a whopping 31.30 per cent to $349.50 million. India’s apparel exports to the US grew 31 per cent in August’21 to $334.69 million while Pakistan’s grew 53.80 per cent to$199.81 million. Sri Lanka’s exports saw grew only 0.50 per cent to $143.85 million during August ’21.

Kenya tops African exports

Kenya emerged the leading African exporter to the US with shipments growing 51.30 per cent year-on-year to $44.12 million. Shipments from MadagascarUS apparel imports rebound with 23 per cent growth in August grew over 100 per cent to $23.72 million while those of Ethiopia grew by 34 per cent to $21.80 per cent. On the other hand, Lesotho could not grow its exports to the US and its shipments by 32 per cent to $23.45 million during the month.

With 101% increase, Turkey dominates Middle Eastern exports

The apparel exports of Middle East Countries to the US was dominated by Turkey which shipped $ 84.35 million worth of apparels and related products to US in August’ 21. Its shipments increased by 101 per cent year-on-year during the month. The second largest apparel exporter to the US was Egypt whose exports increased by 45.60 per cent to $93.21 million. On the other hand, shipments from Jordan grew marginally by 2.70 per cent to177.27 million.

Columbia, biggest Central American exporter

Exports from Latin America, Central America and Caribbean countries were dominated by Columbia whose shipments increased 69.30 per cent to $28.30 million in August ’21. Nicaragua emerged the second largest exporter with shipments surging 55.50 per cent to $199.55 million. The third spot was occupied by Haiti with shipments surging 53.50 per cent to $101.38 million. Honduras followed Haiti with 27.40 per cent rise in shipments to $251.28 million during the month. El Salvador was the smallest exporter US during the month with exports surging by just $15.80 per cent to $146.16 million.