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US apparel imports from China down 18 per cent

US apparel imports from China fell 18 per cent in September. For the year to date through September, apparel imports from China were down 1.1 per cent, illustrating the steady erosion of sourcing from the top supplier for US fashion companies. Imports from Vietnam rose 12.7 per cent, with its shipments up 16.8 per cent from September 2018. Apparel imports from Bangladesh increased 9.96 per cent year to date but were down 3.5 per cent in the month compared to a year earlier. India’s shipments rose 8.37 per cent so far this year. Cambodia’s were up 11.13 per cent and imports from Pakistan advanced 9.41 per cent. Imports from Honduras increased 11.19 per cent year to date through September and Nicaragua’s shipments were up 19.9 per cent.

Despite the trade turmoil that in part is meant to stir interests in domestic manufacturing, the US imported 4.76 per cent more apparel year to date through September in 2019 compared to last year. However, reflecting the move to get Chinese goods into the country ahead of the September tariffs, the US imported 2.1 per cent less apparel in the month compared to September 2018.

Nearly every major apparel company in the US has slashed its sourcing from China as the raging trade war between the US and China has triggered steep punitive tariffs.