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TMAS: ACG Nyström's global success amidst Ukrainian resilience


In a surprising turn of success, ACG Nyström, a member of the Swedish Textile Machinery Association (TMAS), is reporting robust sales of Tajima TMEZ embroidery machines in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and notably, Ukraine. 

The TMEZ range introduces intelligent thread management (I-TM), making embroidery accessible to all by automatically analyzing designs, detecting fabric thickness, and precisely supplying the required thread. Richard Carlsson, ACG Nyström sales engineer, highlights the elimination of manual thread tension adjustment and the eradication of design pulling issues.

The machines, equipped with Tajima DG by Pulse software, also boast a digitally controlled presser foot for stable fabric positioning, particularly beneficial for varying fabric thicknesses. ACG Nyström, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, positions itself as a complete CAD/CAM solutions provider for garment manufacturing, specializing in adding value throughout the production process.

Despite the challenging circumstances in Ukraine due to Russia's ongoing assault, ACG Nyström Ukraine reports active customers and the installation of new embroidery machines, emphasizing the country's resilience. 

The article sheds light on the growth areas in military badges, corporate apparel, and the revival of interest in vyshyvankas, elaborately embroidered traditional shirts and dresses. Vyshyvanka Day, now a national holiday, symbolizes resistance against Russian aggression, with celebrities globally supporting the cause.

ACG Nyström's CEO, Thomas Arvidsson, acknowledges TMAS's support in promoting their services and highlights the pivotal role of the latest Tajima embroidery machines in meeting the evolving demands of the textile industry, both in Sweden and globally.



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