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Texworld's A/W 2025-2026: ‘IMPERFaiCTION’ trends revealed


Texworld Apparel Sourcing Paris's trend book, ‘IMPERFaiCTION’, for the Autumn-Winter 2025-2026 season delves into the juxtaposition of human limitations against the burgeoning potential of artificial intelligence. The collection, created by artistic directors Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, offers a poetic interpretation of human flaws and frames our biological reality as a "zone to defend."

Set to debut from July 1-3, 2024, at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, the trend book presents four distinct themes:

Confrontation: This theme highlights the stark contrast between AI's limitless capabilities and human fragility. The color palette is rooted in nature with ivory, soft green, and woody tones, complemented by protective, fluffy textures inspired by the geological world.

Seduction: Here, the allure of AI is at its peak. The theme celebrates life's vibrancy through organic textures, human motifs, and mineral inlays. The colors range from carnal and languorous to bright and floral, encapsulating the enchanting phase of technological fascination.

Alienation: As AI dominance grows, human autonomy diminishes. This theme showcases warm, assertive colors applied to life-like materials, featuring draped textures and embroidery, symbolizing the encroachment of AI into every aspect of life.

Annihilation: In the final theme, AI completely overtakes humanity, leading to our erasure. The color scheme is stark and mineral, with technical fabrics creating smooth, metallic, and lunar-inspired textures.

These themes will be featured in two Trend Forums: one for fabrics at Texworld Paris and another for finished products at Apparel Sourcing Paris. Visitors can explore the curated looks, fabrics, and products, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the envisioned future of fashion.



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