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Textile Recycling Gets a Boost: HKRITA and Epson join forces


Textile giants HKRITA and Seiko Epson are teaming up to tackle the challenge of textile waste with an innovative new collaboration. Building on their 2023 agreement, these two companies have signed a joint development deal to create a revolutionary recycling program.

In this collaboration, Epson’s unique dry fiber technology will be adapted to break down complex fabrics. The process will be guided by HKRITA's expertise in textile recycling systems and the quality of the recycled materials will be evaluated.

Transcending industry boundaries, this collaboration unlocks new possibilities for sustainability by going beyond individual industries and creating new opportunities for both companies, says Edwin Keh, CEO, HKRITA. 

Emphasising the shared commitment to circular economy, Satoru Hosono, Epson, says, this partnership allows Epson to develop recycling solutions for previously discarded clothing and textiles, thus meeting the growing global demand for sustainable alternatives.

Having immense potential for future of textile recycling, this collaboration offers groundbreaking solutions for a more sustainable fashion industry.



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