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Textile Fairs India begins in New Delhi

Textile Fairs India is being held in New Delhi, July 15 to 17, 2019. The first and concluding day will showcase latest developments in fibers, yarns, trims and garments from Austria, China, Hong Kong, Japan and the host nation. The event aims at bridging the gap between the dreams of budding designers and the reality of being a part of gala fashion events.

The three day fair includes three trade fairs, Yarnex, F&A Show, and Fashion Connect. Yarnex brings together manufacturers and suppliers of fibers, yarns and related services to showcase their merchandise to buyers from across the world. F&A is a fashion and accessories show. Fashion Connect connects clothing brands and contract manufacturers with the entire retail fraternity. Besides being a platform for sourcing, the event also disseminates information on fashion trends.

Textile Fairs India brings together over 240 domestic and international fashion manufacturers to showcase upcoming trends and provide opportunities for them to network to expand their distribution networks. The trade fair will feature products intended for both spring/ summer 2020 and autumn/ winter 2020/2021. A special focus will be on sustainable fashion. Industry professionals will discuss how to make production more environmentally friendly and a dedicated sustainable fashion showcase will shine the spotlight on recycled and upcycled clothing. A number of design and product awards will also feature during the event.