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Techtextil 2024: Santex Rimar Group's precision coating


Cavitec, renowned for high-end coating, laminating, and impregnation machines, debuts the redesigned Caviscreen at Techtextil Frankfurt. Developed by the Swiss firm, a part of the Santex Rimar Group, Caviscreen boasts cutting-edge technology for superior results in breathable laminates, along with cost-saving advantages. Specifically designed for sportswear, rainwear, and protective clothing, this unit applies PUR adhesive with precision, offering strong bonding and versatility."

At the heart of Caviscreen's innovation lies its hotmelt screen printing system, revolutionizing high-end garment applications. Operating akin to traditional textile printing, this system transfers PUR adhesive onto substrates through a rotary screen. The adhesive is seamlessly fed from a drum melter through a heated hose, ensuring consistent distribution behind the doctor blade within the rotary screen.

Manufacturers and end-users laud Cavitec's system for its unmatched precision, resulting in active wear products boasting exceptional air permeability and a luxurious feel. Moreover, the technology enhances bonding strength while minimizing adhesive usage, thanks to surface-level coating that mitigates substrate penetration. Customizable dot patterns and coating weights empower users to tailor performance characteristics precisely.

Caviscreen's ease of operation and efficiency further elevate its appeal. Rapid screen interchangeability, facilitated by a user-friendly bayonet fitting mechanism, streamlines production processes. Unlike conventional methods entailing hot oil or heated liquids, Caviscreen's compatibility with PUR adhesives simplifies operation while ensuring durability.

With a keen eye on cost efficiency, Caviscreen technology slashes expenses by offering screens priced at a fraction of gravure roller costs. At Techtextil Frankfurt 2024, Cavitec unveils Caviscreen and its array of solutions, positioning itself as the go-to destination for cutting-edge textile innovations. From April 23 to 26, industry enthusiasts can explore Cavitec's pioneering technology firsthand at booth D85 in hall 12.



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