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Take a practical approach to apparel prices, China’s customers advised


An article in China’s People's Daily Online says consumers should adopt a more pragmatic approach when it comes to clothing prices in the country. The advice is to focus on purchasing reliable products with a longer lifespan.

As per National Bureau of Statistics stats, China's clothing and garment sales experienced a year-on-year growth of 12.8 per cent, reaching 725.7 billion yuan in the first nine months of the fiscal year. Production of down jackets is flourishing, as indicated by information from the China Feather and Down Industrial Association. Chinese consumers are increasingly favoring locally designed products with functional fabrics, leading to a surge in sales of domestically manufactured down jackets.

Skypeople, an emerging Chinese brand, is raising prices on most of its winter apparel products. Currently, the brand charges between 2,800 yuan and 7,000 yuan for its high-end products in China, almost ten times the price of other apparel in the country.

Despite this, some local customers believe the expansive Chinese market accommodates brands with various pricing levels to coexist simultaneously. This allows consumers the freedom to choose between basic and moderately priced jackets and those targeting the premium class. Bosideng, China's largest down-clothing producer, is selling down jackets at a price exceeding 1,000 yuan. In the last six months leading up to September, Bosideng's flagship brand has seen a 25 per cent increase in sales and earnings, while its mid-priced brand, Snowflying, has recorded a significant growth of 52.5% in sales.



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