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Taiwan Textile Roadshow to showcase garment products


The upcoming Taiwan Textile Roadshow from October 6 to 7 will showcase garment products from Taiwan (China). To be held at the Hanoi International Exhibition Centre, the trade show will be co-organized by The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) and the Vietnam National Trade Fair and Advertising Company (Vinexad). It will be sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. As per a Vietnam Plus report, the event will strengthen cooperation between Vietnamese and Taiwanese enterprises in the textile and garment sector.

Around 12 Taiwanese textile manufacturers will participate via Zoom, exchanging experience with and introducing products to Vietnamese enterprises with interpretation support. They will introduce techniques to produce fabric using dyeing treatment that can reduce the impact on the environment. They have also applied innovative technologies in production to produce fabrics with many outstanding features such as fabric from recycled plastic, warp-print fabric, antibacterial fabric, UV protection fabric, cooling and multi-functional fabric.

In 2020, Vietnam was Taiwan's largest textile and garment export market. It accounted for 25.3 per cent of Taiwan’s total export turnover of textiles and garments. The top five export markets, including Vietnam, mainland China, the US, Indonesia and Hong Kong (China), account for 60.3 per cent of Taiwan’s total apparel exports.

Taiwan's largest and second-largest sources of textiles in 2020 were mainland China and Vietnam, accounting for 43 per cent and 14 per cent of total textile imports and valued at $1.46 billion and $467 million respectively. The main import items from mainland China and Vietnam were clothing and accessories.