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Study highlights use of toxic PFA chemicals in 60% kids’ clothing


As study published in the journal ‘Environmental Science and Technology’, says around 60 per cent of children's clothing, including fabrics used in pillows, bedding and furniture, often with green certification, contain toxic PFA substances that remain forever in the environment. Many children’s products, including those labeled as ‘waterproof’ and ‘stain-resistant’ or ‘environment-friendly,’ contain harmful chemicals although not mentioned on their labels.

Recent tests by a team led by Laurel Schaider, Senior Scientist, Silent Spring Institute, on 93 different products often used by children and adolescents detected PFAs in 54 of the 93 products, including 21 with labels such as ‘eco’, ‘green’ or ‘non-toxic.’ The chemicals were most widely used in products labeled ‘water-‘or ‘stain-‘resistant.’

These products should not contain PFAs as they are handled by children everyday and over a long period of time, says Kathryn Rodgers, Co-author and Doctorate Student, Boston University School of Public Health. She recommends Green certifiers to include PFAs in their criteria and conduct a more thorough review of the products they certify.


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