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Spinnova stars at Beckmans fashion show in Stockholm


Spinnova, a pioneer in sustainable textile materials, took center stage at the Fashion Collaboration spring show by Beckmans College of Design, showcasing its eco-friendly fabrics in two standout collections. 

Designed by burgeoning talents Emma Carling and Miranda Berg, the collections spotlighted seven captivating looks crafted in collaboration with Spinnova. Held at Gasverket, Doubble Space in Stockholm, the shows highlighted the experimental use of sustainable materials, marking a significant stride towards environmentally conscious fashion.

Emma Carling drew inspiration from the concept of glamping, blending glamour with outdoor allure using Spinnova's outdoor fabric. Miranda Berg, meanwhile, delved into the therapeutic potential of fashion, leveraging Spinnova's fiber known for its calming effect rooted in nature.

The Spinnova-infused garments feature a blend of Spinnova fiber and cotton, incorporating unconventional materials like horsehair. Notably, Spinnova fiber, derived from wood, boasts a production process free from harmful chemicals, aligning with sustainable practices. 

Certified eucalyptus pulp further enhances its eco-credentials, reducing water consumption by 99 per cent and carbon dioxide emissions by 74 per cent compared to conventional cotton, as verified by third-party assessments.

Diana Balanescu, Brand Director at Spinnova, expressed excitement about collaborating with forward-thinking designers like Emma and Miranda. The partnership underscores Spinnova's commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.



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