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Spinnova's sustainable innovation shines at New York Fashion Week


Spinnova, the sustainable textile material company, made a striking return to the prestigious New York Fashion Week stage in February. Their Spinnova fibre took center stage in the Infinity Vessel production, an innovative collaborative project by Finnish glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho. The collection, showcased at the avant-garde Flying Solo show, features wearable glass sculptures embodying modern female archetypes, blending cutting-edge technology with ancient craftsmanship.

The collaboration birthed eight remarkable pieces, notably "The Mother" and "The Matriarch," inspired by the maternal experience and the vision of future womanhood. Crafted from fabrics made with Spinnova fibre, these pieces symbolize a fusion of tradition and innovation. The dress fabric boasts a unique laser-engraved pattern, a testament to the marriage of AI and traditional handicraft.

Majuri and Hepo-aho expressed their delight in merging tradition and innovation, aiming to propel the rare glass tradition into new realms, including the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. Their partnership with Spinnova underscores a commitment to Finnish innovation and sustainability, crucial pillars for the future.

Central to the Infinity Vessel project are themes of cross-collaboration, the convergence of art and design, and material sustainability. Designers prioritized responsible sourcing, incorporating materials such as glass, gold, UPM's EcoAce wood composite, and Spinnova's innovative fibres into their collection.

Allan Andersen, Spinnova's Chief Sales Officer, emphasized the collection's celebration of traditional craftsmanship, innovative materials, and strong artistic vision. Spinnova's involvement amplifies the designers' message regarding the necessity for more cross-disciplinary collaboration, experimentation, and accountability in the fashion industry.

The Spinnova pieces in the collection utilize a fabric blend of Spinnova fibre and cotton, derived from wood and produced without harmful chemicals. Certified eucalyptus pulp offers significant environmental advantages, including 99 per cent less water consumption and 74 per cent fewer carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional cotton.

Spinnova's presence at New York Fashion Week marks a continuation of their impactful collaborations with prominent clothing brands, including adidas and Bestseller. This return underscores Spinnova's commitment to driving sustainable innovation in the fashion industry, heralding a future where sustainability and style seamlessly intertwine.



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